10 Out of the Box call of duty quiz

Posted on 11/12/2020 by Ravi

Call of duty quiz

I am playing Call of duty(COD) since childhood, its easy quiz for me?

#1. Exo Suits were introduced in which CoD series?

#2. What’s the name of the secret song? Call of Duty: Zombies map

#3. In which TV series does the president play CoD?

#4. Who do you called as in the original Call of Duty?

#5. "Modern Warfare 3" opening scene take place at?

#6. What is the dog’s name in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

#7. What's the longest Call of Duty game?

#8. The most recent title (2020) is?

#9. Below one is the not from the list of developers of call of duty

#10. When was the first Call of Duty title released?



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