Quiz for True GTA fan: How well do you know?

Posted on 19/12/2020 by Ravi

Quiz for True GTA fan
Quiz for True Grand Theft Auto, by Paul Lowry, licensed under CC BY 2.0

How many GTA games are there?

YearGame TitleDeveloper
1997Grand Theft AutoDMA Design
1999Grand Theft Auto 2DMA Design
2001Grand Theft Auto IIIDMA Design
2002Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityRockstar North
2004Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar North
2008Grand Theft Auto IVRockstar North
2013Grand Theft Auto VRockstar North
Apart from this GTA has few Expansion packs and Handheld games


#1. What year was the very first Grand Theft Auto game released?

#2. Who developed the GTA series?

#3. What is the next game after Grand Theft Auto III?

#4. What is the name of the city that redesigned for Grand Theft Auto IV?

#5. These was NOT the playable character in GTA V?

#6. Which celebrity sued the makers for allegedly using their likeness character in the GTA V?

#7. How old is Trevor in GTA V?

#8. How old is Jimmy GTA V?

#9. Who is the most popular character in GTA 5?

#10. Which GTA has the best story?


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